Visualizing KPIs and scenarios

Flexible visualization of results

Versatile analysis options support the evaluation of simulated scenarios and KPIs and provide transparency over cause-and-effect relationships. The gained insights can then be prepared with the help of different chart types in order to create a coherent presentation of results.

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In the simulation workspace multiple tools for the creation of graphs and analyses are available. Combine significant charts to dashboards, that are automatically updated with every new simulation.
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For more detailed analyses, you can always drill deeper into the charts or graphs in order to validate and analyze the results on a more detailed level. Open diagrams or tables with multiple dimensions and detail levels in order to uncover unexpected results and to gain new insights.
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In order to communicate your planned scenarios or forecasts with others, you can use the integrated presentation mode. This shared result offers full overview over the created scenarios contained in the presentation, however, they cannot be edited anymore. Sharing these presentations is especially useful for status updates that are sent to the CFO.
Multidimensional analysis

Being able to easily create and adjust multidimensional graphs facilitates necessary analyses and enables the users to understand a higher level of detail more quickly and to subsequently initiate the appropriate action accordingly.

Dynamic presentation

With the appealing user interface and the ability to flexibly adapt scenarios, Valsight can be used live in discussions. But also the possibility of exporting and forwarding the dashboards created in Valsight with the press of a button facilitates and drastically accelerates the creation of management presentations.

Improved decision making

The transparent visualization of simulation results facilitates a quick decision making process. Different assumptions and measures can be portrayed with the use of assumption bridges or other discrepancy analyses, so that the management can assess the results faster and better.