Implementation with Valsight

Our main goal is your satisfaction, and that is why our software can be adjusted to fit your needs. Valsight is created in a way, that the software implementation can occur in a very short time frame and very little effort. The whole implementation process is owned by the finance or controlling department.

To enable you to quickly reach the full potential of the software, we support the implementation process according to your requirements. For this, we offer our expertise and experienced gained in multiple previous implementation projects. This means, that we do not just support you during the technical implementation, but especially with the conceptional and department specific realization of the implementation project.

The range of support varies from punctual support to a complete supervision during the whole project. To provide top-notch support in executing or accompanying implementation projects we work together with renowned partners.

The implementation of Valsight is adjusted to:

  • Your needs: Based on your individual situation, you can decide how much support is required.
  • Your time schedule: Our network of competent partners enables us to quickly answer your requests.
  • Your requirements: With multiple years of experience in implementing software, we can offer you not only technical, but also conceptional, performance management related expertise.

Proof of concept with Valsight

Our proof of concept projects allow you to quickly get an intensive overview of the functions and benefits that Valsight has to offer.

Especially if different use cases are still up for debate internally, proof of concept project help to quickly determine, for which cases Valsight offers the highest return. This approach of agile testing provides conclusive results in a short period of time.

Proof of concept projects often turn out to be a useful approach to offer a selected user group access to the software and the respective trainings even before a department-wide implementation is decided upon. This way a group of “power users” is created. These can then assist other colleagues through the implementation phase.

Proof of concept projects can be started immediately, only restraining factor being your capacity. Our experts provide support throughout the whole project.

Benefits of a proof of concept project:

Training and workshops with Valsight

To keep you updated or to help you approach completely new use cases we offer both trainings and workshops:

  • Trainings are especially suitable for onboarding new users efficiently or to refresh existing knowledge from previous projects
  • Further workshops are often used to become more familiar with new functionalities or to verify and initiate the realization of new use cases. The integration of new departments can also be facilitated with the use of workshops

Common formats are user and administrator trainings, train-the-trainer workshops or change management workshops.

Especially in cooperation with our partners we offer you the right support regarding change management and the restructuring of the planning process.

Advantages of trainings and workshops:

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