Create comprehensive KPI models

Creating new models in Valsight

The intuitive visual editor allows business users without programming skills to quickly build new financial models.

Create your value driver model in the visual editor by using drag & drop. Thanks to the intuitive operations used when modeling, even complex dependencies can be easily defined. Enterprise functions such as currency conversion or consolidation are already integrated. Our software supports you with comprehensible validation rules throughout the whole modeling process.
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Start with a blank sheet or use one of the existing model templates in order to build your business model in Valsight.
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Gradually add new elements via drag & drop to your model and define the dependencies between drivers, line items and KPIs by using the available operations.
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All data required by the model can be quickly and easily integrated. New dimensions and a higher granularity of the utilized data can be added at a later point in time. A subsequent adjustment of the data structure is therefore no problem and does not affect the calculation logic of existing models.
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Base data and existing data dimensions can quickly and easily be used for the created model. If the base data requires a structural change, this can easily be done in Valsight as well. You can adjust and restructure data dimensions at will, without having to adjust your previously defined model.
Visual modeling

Create models of different complexity in the graphic model editor completely without programming expertise. Benefit from the visual display in order to quickly understand the interdependencies within your business model and to coherently present it to others. Chains of effects can be easily recognized when using driver trees.

Easy data integration

Integrate multidimensional data sources and connect ERP-systems and other databases. If your model requires data, that is not available in existing systems, you can simply upload this data as an excel or csv file to the model. The previously defined model logic does not have to be adjusted for the integration of different data.

Dynamic structures

In order to react to a dynamic business environment, business users can adjust the defined model themselves at any time. In Valsight, the created models can be flexibly expanded by new calculation logics to account for new business models including relevant KPIs. But also structural changes in the utilized base data, for example due to the implementation of new products or new locations, can be easily realized without any extra effort.