Industrial/ Discrete Manufacturing

The fast pace of a globalized world results in increasingly short product life cycles and seasonal fluctuations. This affects international supply chains as well as company-internal structures, which have to be adjusted to cope with the resulting challenges, such as volatile resource prices or currency rates. To counteract this development, the possibility to quickly simulate the impact of different product and price strategies has to be provided.

With Valsight, information relevant for decision making can be determined based on the calculation of multiple possible scenarios.

By analyzing the effects of various measures, investment decisions can be made based on a well-established foundation. This will have a direct influence on your company’s strategic and operative performance.


The automotive industry struggles with the economic and technological transformation. Socio-economic trends, such as carsharing, make owning a car seem obsolete and therefore encourage the generation of new business models. Additionally, the change from conventional combustion engines towards environmentally-friendly alternatives is accelerated even more by governmental emission regulations and the demands voiced by a more environmentally conscious society. If other global incidents, such as the possible Brexit or tariff conflicts, are taken into account as well, the future can yield multiple different scenarios. To perform a sound analysis despite the increased uncertainty, these multiple future scenarios need to be swiftly determined and simulated.

To enable fact-based decision making in a volatile market environment, the planning process needs to be arranged in a way that is flexible, but also precise and focused. External and internal effects must be analyzed and discussed based on their respective consequences, as these will encourage different product strategies. Use Valsight to simulate multiple scenarios containing the effects of various measures as well as the interdependencies between the different value drivers and improve your decision-making process accordingly.

Travel/ Transportation/ Logistics

A variety of long-term investment activities complicates the analysis of future company results as well as the possibility for short-term strategy changes. Especially for the transportation sector, this increases the complexity of company-wide planning process.

Society’s shift towards public transportation, as well as political endeavors to reduce pollution within cities provides opportunities and risks alike. Discontinued tariff agreements and strategic construction projects such as railway infrastructure or airport landing strips cause additional insecurities. These factors require a flexible solution to determine a reasonable and actionable prospective corporate strategy.

To prepare precise forecasts in a complex environment, it is necessary to design the planning process in a flexible but focused manner. Valsight enables the simulation of various scenarios, which are influenced by interdependent external and internal factors. These scenarios provide the foundation for solid enterprise performance management. Being able to analyze newly gained information on short notice supports and facilitates effective management decision making.


Increasing restrictions and global crises create a general level of uncertainty in the utilities sector. External factors, such as the reduction of the overall oil production or the influence on infrastructure projects taken by different governments, increase uncertainty and make long-term planning more difficult. In general, environmental standards and technological progress need to be taken into account in a company’s overall strategy. Major investments cause additional planning uncertainties in the long run. To analyze the effects of changing external factors and strategic measures, the updated scenarios have to be available for assessment immediately. To achieve efficient strategic and operative performance management with resilient results, future measures and actions should already be included in the decision-making process.

To successfully include these challenges in corporate strategy, it is necessary to include as many influencing factors as possible into the different scenarios. The driver models in Valsight clearly show the effects that measures can have and where interdependencies are influencing the business model. Therefore, decisions can be made based upon a better and consistent basis. As efforts for planning and forecasting can be significantly reduced with the implementation of Valsight, the saved time can now be used to optimize the analysis of results and decision making.


No matter if you are a small business owner or an international conglomerate: the growing service sector demands a highly future-oriented strategy from everyone. Projects with uncertain runtimes and seasonal order volumes cause numerous challenges for service providers.

Additionally, due to globalization, more and more service providers compete for the same customers. External factors like demographic changes and staff shortages require flexible planning just as much as strategic measures with regards to marketing and pricing do. It is necessary to portray and analyze the effects of changing internal or external influence factors by simulating different scenarios. This way strategic and operative decisions can be successfully aligned with the volatile market environment.

Successful corporate management requires proactive planning, during which possible scenarios and their consequences are analyzed. Valsight enables the display of your business model in an individual value driver tree and transparently shows the effect of selected measures.
This way, different scenarios can be simulated simultaneously and the adjustment of certain KPIs can be analyzed and discussed. As a result, long- and mid-term planning activities receive a transparent basis and operative and strategic goals can be aligned more easily.


In the retail sector, planning for demand and prices depends on various external factors and corporate policies. Shortened product lifecycles and increased numbers in returned orders due to sales-driving e-commerce business models require a flexible planning tool in order to determine the strategic and operative corporate plan. Even traditional retail stores are affected by the structural shift to online shopping. These cultural trends can lead to strategy changes, which can be analyzed by simulating multiple adjusted scenarios. The constantly changing market requires a flexible, precise and focused planning process.

Valsight supports effective planning through offering the simultaneous analysis of multiple scenarios, making opportunities and risks more comprehensible and assessible. Your company’s business model can be visualized in an individually created value driver tree, which makes analyzing important interdependencies and KPIs easier. As efforts for planning and forecasting can be significantly reduced with the implementation of Valsight, the saved time can now be used to optimize the analysis of results and decision making.