General questions

Our solution is used by companies to support the following processes:

Financial planning: (strategic planning, operational planning and target setting) – our driver-based planning approach allows you to develop a more transparent and efficient planning process.
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Forecasts: Based on value driver trees, Valsight allows you to make reasonable forecasts wh
ich display the major financial and operative influencing factors on corporate development
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Simulations: Financial figures and scenarios can be easily simulated for various use cases, independent of other planning and forecasting processes.
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The duration of implementation depends on the respective company’s size, the process that needs to be supported and the availability of base and transactional data. Implementing Valsight in a medium-sized company usually takes about 1-2 months. The implementation can be carried completely out by your company’s finance or controlling department. Depending on your needs, Valsight offers full support during the process.

Case Study Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (DE)

We offer you the following possibilities:

1. A free demo account. After receiving your log-in information, you can independently test our software.

2. A pilot project (proof of concept, POC) with Valsight or one of our authorized consulting partners. Within these projects we will support you in creating individual test models. These models can be tested for two to three months afterwards. Please contact us for further information.

Valsight is a “Software-as-a-Service” product. You can purchase annual licenses on a per user (“named user”) basis. The license fee contains the unlimited use of Valsight, user support and software updates. The sum of the license fees depends on the required feature range as well as the number of users.

Technical questions

You can easily integrate data from various sources based on predefined interfaces (e.g. OData, SQL, .xlsx/ .csv).

Valsight is a cloud solution. We also offer an “on-premise” alternative which allows you to operate the system in your own data center.

Valsight supports the usage of MS SQL servers, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL, Oracle and other SQL databases.