Valsight Platform

Our unique solution supports your transformation to agile performance management.


Data integration

Structured and flexible connections to data sources

  • Connect ERP or BI systems with pre-built connectors
  • Easy import of spreadsheet files
  • Data federation to connect data from different sources

Simulation Engine

In-Memory with probabilities

  • What-if simulations based on flexible
  • Multi-dimensionale OLAP calculation engine
  • Interactive performance due to in-memory technology

User Interface

Browser-based and intuitive

  • Manage assumptions and measurements
  • Interactive, multi-dimensional analytics
  • collaboration with data-centric discussions and workflows
  • Export to Excel and PowerPoint


Graphical driver tree

Value driver models describe the essential economic dependencies of a business model and are the basis for flexible simulations.
Driver trees can be created intuitively using drag & drop without any programming skills.
Ad hoc simulation

Simulations derive plan or forecast values based on assumptions about relevant value drivers and effects of strategic measures.
With ad-hoc simulation of different scenarios, you are able to answer what-if questions or calculate sensitivities in no time.
Collaboration & Workflows

Valsight easily enables collaboration across different teams without media discontinuities.
Add comments to the results of different simulations and have interactive and data related discussions with your colleagues directly in the tool.
In-memory engine

At the core of Valsight is a powerful in-memory engine.
It allows you to conduct the calculation of ad-hoc simulations and complex scenarios and offers interactive, multidimensional analysis of simulation results in real time.
Flexible analyses

Results can be analyzed and presented on the spot using a variety of charts and dashboards in the presentation mode.
Different drill-down charts and assumption bridges facilitate the data analysis process.
Data integration

Easily integrate data from different sources into Valsight.
Base data used for planning and forecasting are uploaded on demand through standardized interfaces to ERP systems or data warehouses.
Simulation results can be exported in different formats.


Client & Installation

Valsight is a web-based software solution. It is optimized for use in all common browsers. You are free to choose between the cloud-based offering or an on-premise installation.


The Valsight on-premise server component is based on Java and runs on both Windows and Linux. If necessary, the application can be scaled across multiple servers.


Valsight supports the usage on MS SQL Server, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL, Oracle and other SQL databases. Please
contact us for more integration possibilities.