Integration of base data

To be able to create different scenarios for the use cases planning, forecasting or for simulations, base data will be required as it is the basis for all future simulations. Base data can be the latest available actual data or current forecast values. Thanks to several integration possibilities and interfaces, Valsight allows you to easily import data from different sources. The data import runs automatically with minimal effort and can also be verified with the help of validation rules.

Diverse interfaces

Valsight offers various integration possibilities to ensure a smooth operation for your planning, forecast or simulation application.

Thanks to different interfaces and protocols, such as OData and JDBC, Valsight enables an easy integration with other systems:

  • OData standardizes the data access of compatible software solutions and ensures a consistent semantic. Different sources of multi-dimensional data can therefore be connected easily and safely.
  • Besides OData, Valsight supports JDBC.

Supported Pre-Systems are SAP HANA & BW, IBM TM1 and more.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to receive further information.

Excel import

In addition to the structured transfer from other systems, data can also be integrated via Excel files. Especially during the initial modeling phase, the ability to quickly and flexibly integrate data via Excel has proven valuable. For a successful import, the data structure of the new input has to match the respective system’s underlying base data’s structure. Afterwards, files can simply be uploaded whereupon validation mechanisms verify a successful data import.

Automatable export

All data within Valsight is also available as a structured and automatable data export. This allows you to save your results or to use them for external systems, e.g. BI tools for further data analysis. The export contains all data with all the respective information regarding dimensions and hierarchy levels, so that following analyses don’t lose any detail.