Big Data for Controllers

Valsight enables driver-based performance management with simulations for data-driven decision making. The web-based solution combines big data technologies and predictive analytics with classical controlling processes and makes them intuitively available to a wider audience.

Valsight supports data-driven decision making based on discussion of alternatives and thinking in scenarios and probabilities. This is facilitated through value driver models in combination with probability-based simulation methods, forecast algorithms, and a direct link to enterprise data. Models can easily and collaboratively be created, adjusted, and discussed using the intuitive financial model editor.

With Valsight, decision makers can create ad-hoc simulations of strategic measures or macroeconomic influences and their impact on KPIs. Valsight improves financial decisions by quantifying measures and uncertainties, thereby increasing agility and transparency in decision making across functions and divisions.

Finance Function

Business Areas

Driver-Based Simulations

Quantify and evaluate the effects of strategic measures or macroeconomic factors with scenario simulations.

Automated Forecast

Leverage the automation of forecasts for more efficiency on assessments about the prospective corporate development based on models of your key performance indicators.

Risk-Adjusted Planning

Create a convincing forecast by linking risk variables of the competitive environment and market conditions with your financial planning.

Working Capital Management

Increase your free cash flow by identifying and simulating operative and strategic drivers of your working capital.

Profit Margin Analysis

Optimize your profit margin by increasing the transparency on the cost-drivers and flexibly simulating alternative scenarios.



Better predictions with probabilities

The discussion of alternative actions and measures is based on scenarios and their probability. Valsight’s predictive functionality support the planning process, forecast and ad hoc simulations.


Simulations on integrated heterogeneous data sets

KPI models reveal their full added value in combination with transactional data. Simulations with Valsight are directly based on current, plan and forecast data in for the business relevant multi-dimensionalities.


Create value driver models without any programming

To enable predictive statements and simulations case related KPI models become increasingly important. Valsight allows the easy creation and adaptation of value driver models and linking them to internal and external data sources.


Cross-functional collaboration

Holistic corporate performance management requires the collaboration of experts from various departments. With Valsight, alternatives for decisions can be prepared, discussed and presented across functions and divisions .


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Valsight Business Simulation Platform Is Certified as Powered by SAP HANA
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